Operational restructuring

As operating performance deteriorates, both earnings and cash flow decline eroding stakeholder value. In such circumstances a clear focus on cash and short term earnings is required to stabilise the company. Once stabilised, management need to determine the necessary strategic and operational changes in order to reposition the business for growth. Simply trying harder with the current business model invariably fails.

Ay Cork Gully we work with management teams to deliver rapid change to stabilise the business and reposition it for growth.

Our services cover: –

  • Cash generation and management
    • Improved working capital management
    • Disposal of non-core processes or  businesses/assets
    • Cash management
  • Revenue optimisation
    • Market/product refocusing
    • Margin enhancement
    • Revenue growth
  • Cost reduction
    • Matching capacity to demand/structural change
    • Reducing complexity and non-value-added cost
    • First phase of operational improvements
  • Business efficiency and effectiveness