Debt Buy
Back Programs

As many financial institutions and other lenders shore up their balance sheets it is becoming increasingly possible for a company to ‘buyback’ its own debt on the primary or secondary markets often at a substantial discount.

In addition, given today’s historic low interest rates, it has become commercially viable for companies to borrow new funds to extinguish higher fixed rate borrowing of the past.

Our experienced team with their depth of knowledge across all lending markets are able to both  identify where this may be possible and if necessary source new cheaper finance to undertake the exercise should the company not have sufficient resources itself.

The benefits are an improvement in cash flow, liability reduction in the balance sheet, the possible removal of restrictive covenants and securities and an improved credit rating.

We would:

  • Undertake a review of your borrowing
  • Ascertain from our knowledge of the market if a buyback of some or all of the debt at a discount was feasible
  • Ascertain if a buyback at a cheaper rate was feasible, source the replacement funding and provide the necessary financial information to access it.
  • Negotiate the settlement directly with the lenders.