Seminars & Events

Seminars and Events at Cork Gully

We are pleased to offer a series of complimentary seminars, each of approximately one hour duration, to be held at a time and location convenient to you.

Overview of Seminars

Seminar 1 - Company Voluntary Arrangements

Discussing the purpose, procedures and increasing use of Company Voluntary Arrangements and the Government’s plans to support company rescue.

Seminar 2 - Pre-Packs

What is a Pre-Pack? In what circumstances should they be used? How do you prepare for the use of a Pre-Pack sale / purchase and ensure that all dealings are fair and transparent?

Seminar 3 - Business Turnaround

Providing a guide to the use of interim management, operational restructuring and cash flow management.

Seminar 4 - Administrations

Examining the key issues surrounding the administration procedure, including funding, tax and the management process. There is also a discussion on the benefits of administration and how it can provide valuable time for a troubled company to implement the means to enable the survival of the business or the best result for its creditors.

Arrange a Seminar

If you would like to arrange a seminar please register your interest here.