Debt Advisory Services

Cork Gully provides a range of advisory services designed to assess, monitor and proffer restructuring and recovery options for businesses with serious financial problems. These measures can be an effective early warning system for a business in trouble if deployed promptly and may reduce the need for more formal solutions.

Our work is divided into four categories:

  • Monitoring and Advisory Reports
  • Viability Report
  • Solvency Reviews
  • Restructuring and Recovery Options

Viability Report

Our Viability Reports provide details of the issues facing a business, principally focusing on its liquidity and ability to trade solvently. It is intended to identify the businesses strengths and weaknesses and will recommend actions that may improve the chances of survival. Our report will provide the foundation for options to refinance the business or continue its activities through a restructuring process.

Monitoring and Advisory Reports

Our viability report will help identify and remedy the issues that are affecting an underperforming business however it is crucial that the business is closely monitored. We advise on the company’s position on a weekly, daily or hourly basis depending on its operations and activities ensuring that any recovery strategy is being implemented properly. This approach enables the Board and Management to accurately gauge progress whilst lenders’ position and securitisation is not corroded further.

We regularly undertake Viability Reviews and Monitoring and Advisory Reports and believe there are advantages to using the same firm for both activities, from a practical and cost perspective.

Restructuring and Recovery Options

To come up with a viable rescue plan we must first conduct a top down review of the business to determine the nature, size and complexity of the problems we are dealing with.  The business may have had some external advice from turnaround consultants and some initiatives to improve performance may have been implemented but if problems persist a more robust solution may be required such as breaking up the business, shutting down parts that are not profitable or putting the company into administration.

We are able to quickly pull together a plan based on our understanding the company’s business and the difficulties it faces and presenting a range of strategic options to the Board that may ensure its survival. This report will address the immediate issues, any lending requirements and a comprehensive business plan. We will also advise the Board on managing customer, supplier and employee communications on what is usually a period of uncertainty and apprehension.