Risk Management

Litigation Support

Cork Gully's litigation support is divided into four main areas:

  • Forensic and investigation services
  • Asset tracing and recovery
  • Creditor services
  • Expert witness

Forensic and Investigation Services

In an increasingly challenging economic and regulatory environment, Cork Gully's forensic and investigation services team provides a full range of services including asset tracing, fraud investigations, plus confiscation and restraint.

Our team consists of experienced professionals, which extends through our partner network to chartered loss adjusters, specialist investigators, tax authorities and IT professionals. We provide independent and expert opinion based on detailed research and investigation to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We have strong links to experts in the legal profession and access to acknowledged leaders in specific fields which together with our understanding of the legal process and experience of acting as expert witnesses enables us to provide a high quality service.

Our services include:

  • Monitoring and Advisory Reports
  • Viability Report
  • Solvency Reviews
  • Restructuring and Recovery Options

Asset Tracing and Recovery

At Cork Gully we can provide an investigation service that tracks and identifies assets which may have been embezzled from companies and organisations.  We use sophisticated techniques to quantify the amounts involved, tracing the assets and funds, (which may have been transferred to foreign accounts) and assisting with recovering all or part of the sums stolen.

We provide advice to organisations that may have been the victim of fraud. We will establish the facts of the case and provide expert advice on the best route for recovery of the funds as quickly as possible.

Our investigation team has extensive experience in dealing with cases of fraud and can assist whether these are complex, contentious cross-border disputes or employee matters. We help organisations investigate their suspicions forcefully, and use computer forensics, data analysis and traditional methods to carry out our work effectively.

Creditor Services

If you are investigated or prosecuted for fraud, the investigating authorities will often take measures to freeze your assets with a view to confiscating the profits of any illegal activities. Cork Gully advises businesses and individuals in relation to confiscation and restraint proceedings.

Expert Witness

Typically, expert witnesses are relied on for opinions in both criminal and civil trials. Their opinion may have a significant bearing on the outcome of a case and the amount of compensation awarded.

At Cork Gully our Forensic and Investigation Services team can act as expert witnesses. We will work closely with the legal team to provide advice and ensure they are properly briefed on aspects of solvency, accounting, auditing, tax and statistics. From our extensive network we also have access to expert witnesses in other fields, and can assist them to ensure their witness testimony is structured and delivered in language that can be readily understood.