Whether you are buying or selling and the situation is un-stressed, stressed or distressed, then our expert M&A team can assist you from targeting suitable acquisitions or evaluating a buyers offer right through to legal completion.

When valuing target companies we take into account the short, medium and long term commercial benefits to be gained, and recommend the most suitable way to structure and finance the deal based on the client’s needs and expectations.

Given our extensive experience and contacts through a conjunction of our corporate finance and corporate recovery teams we are able to help ensure our clients achieve the optimum price on a sale or successfully target and purchase the right acquisition at the best value.

In stressed and distressed situations where achieving a swift result under a highly demanding timetable is a premium consideration  then again our excellent relationships with all of the key decision makers such as banks, asset based lenders and corporate investors means we understand the objectives of all parties that might be involved in an AMA.  This, together with our proven systems and procedures ensure that no matter how demanding the timetable, negotiations move quickly to achieve the optimum solution for all concerned.